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Teen girl honored for helping father during heart attack

A 14-year old Winnipeg girl was honored for helping her father from cardiac arrest. Andrea Warzel’s father, 47-years old collapsed at home after returning from a jog. The girl immediately called for emergency assistance while her mother and sister performed CPR.

According to the girl, it was her first time to call for 911. She was thankful that her father is alive today. Warzel was given a Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service Citizen Recognition Award.

Quick response of teen

Calgary first aid
The emergency responders defibrillated Tony 2 times to restore a normal heartbeat.

While her mother, Susan was performing CPR on her father, Andrea was the one relaying instructions from the dispatcher. Based on a new release from the City of Winnipeg, Andrea and Susan continued to perform CPR on Tony until the arrival of the paramedics and firefighters.

The emergency responders defibrillated Tony 2 times to restore a normal heartbeat. Tony suffered a heart attack which caused the heart to stop beating normally.

After getting a pulse back, Tony was transported to a healthcare facility. A procedure was performed where a stent was placed in his chest to open the clogged blood vessels in his heart. He was able to recover and doing well.

It was the calmness of Andrea while under pressure that was incredible and the main reason why the firefighters and paramedics were successful in restoring circulating to Tony Warzel’s heart.

Andrea is a great example on how important it is to educate children on calling for help in a quick and calm manner.

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