Online Food Safety Certification

Online Food Safety Certification in Calgary
Learn proper sanitation methods by taking food safety certification courses.

At Calgary First Aid we offer on-line food safety certification courses that meet workplace requirements. This 8 to 10 hour (one-day online) Online Food Safety Certification in Calgary is designed for individuals that work with the preparation, manufacturing, handling, and storage of food. Certification provided through this course meets requirements stated under the Minster of Health under Section 31 of the Alberta Public Health Act Food Regulation. Certification does not expire and is valid throughout Canada. We offer this course in an on-line format in 8 sections. This 49.99 training program is a self-paced course that allows for participants to complete the course at his / her time. Learn proper food safety handling, preparation and storage techniques and get workplace approved certification by taking an on-line course today.

Please read through the entire page prior to registering for a Alberta approved on-line Food Safety Certification course.

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Length of the Course

This is a 8 to 10 hour self paced course. Participants will need to successfully complete one component of the course prior to moving to the next. Participants must successfully complete a test prior to moving to the next section.

Privacy Policy

To view our record keeping and privacy policy click here.

What If I Need Help During the Course?

Participants will be able to contact a course teacher through out on-line system. This teacher is available during most hours of the day and can help with any component of the food safety program.

Do I need to Complete a Test?

Yes, participants will have to complete a small test prior to moving on to the next component of the course. The course has 11 components. Once participants complete the on-line course they must write the final test at one of our training centres. Participants are able to take the test on almost any day of the week with our training centres located North and South of Downtown Calgary. Participants must complete the test with a minimum score of 70% to successfully complete the program.

What is the Cost of the Online Food Safety Certification in Calgary?

The cost of this course is 49.99. Course fee includes all applicable taxes and certification fees.


Participants should have basic English reading and comprehension skills.

How Much Time to Complete the Course

Participants must complete the course within 8 weeks of registering.

Quizzes and Exams

The on-line course is divided into 8 modules. After completing a module participants must successfully complete a short multiple choice quiz in order to move onto the next module. The final exam must be taken at our training facility. Once the course is completed contact us via email at [email protected] or call 587-774-5317 to schedule an examination time. We are incredibly flexible and offer participants the opportunity to take the final exam on almost any day. The final exam is multiple choice and participants must receive a minimum score of 70% in order to successfully complete the course.

Participants must be aware of the exam policy prior to attending the final exam. Key points include

  • 1 hour time limit
  • Government issue picture ID is required
  • Closed Book

Please read the complete exam policy prior to attending. Click here to read the policy.

Technical Assistance / Course Help

The participants registered for the course will have access to an “Ask the Instructor” button that allows online interaction with the course instructor. Also Participants will receive an answer to any question within 24 hours. Participants can also contact the toll-free number (587-774-5317) or email [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns.

Refunds and Transfers

Refunds and transfers are not accepted.

Technical Requirements

This on-line course is provided through this website and is completed using your browser. This course can be completed using your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Please ensure that you have an updated browser to be able to properly view the course.

Course Content

Participants will learn about the following topics:

  • Operation of a Food Premises: Approvals, Permits and Enforcement
  • Construction, Design and Facilities
  • Control of Food Hazards
  • Maintenance and Sanitation
  • Microbiology, Personal Hygiene and Communicable Diseases
  • Education and Training

Additional Information About Online Food Safety Certification in Calgary

Click here to purchase an on-line food safe course for 49.99

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