Infant CPR Course

Calgary First Aid is proud to feature a infant CPR course designed for new parents that want to know how to recognize, react to and manage almost any life threatening emergency that can happen to a infant. In this course we will come to you. We understand that it can be difficult for you to travel and attend courses with a new born infant at home so we send our best workplace approved first aid and CPR (certified and trained) instructors to you to personally teach you and / or your family. Read through this page to find out more about this unique course offered exclusively through Calgary First Aid. To book a course fill out the contact form below.

Length of Infant CPR Course in Calgary

This course takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. It is open to lots of questions and the length does vary.


Components of Infant CPR Course in Calgary

Infant CPR Course in Calgary first aidIn this course participants will learn a variety of skills and be given basic knowledge to recognize and manage the following first aid and / or CPR emergencies

  • Breathing unconscious infants
  • Non-breathing unconscious infants
  • Conscious choking infants
  • Unconscious obstructed airway (blocked / choking) infants

Candidates will learn the latest CPR techniques using the latest equipment such as infant CPR mannequins. Participants will also learn about basic first aid issues such as shaking baby syndrome.

Course Cost

This course costs 150 dollars (taxes included) which can be paid on the day the instructor arrives. Course fee may increase depending on distance from down town Calgary and the number of participants. The cost for the first four participants is a total of 150 dollars.  For every participants after the first 4 costs an additional 25 dollars (example: 5 participants costs 175 dollars).

Course Date and Time

The course date and time is entirely up to you. We have available instructors that can come to you at almost any hour. Fill out the registration form below to set up a private infant CPR course.


To book a private infant CPR courses in Calgary please fill out the following registration form or contact us via telephone at 587-774-5317

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