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All online courses are blended courses half are done online and half in class. No Refund for Blended Course.

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Preparing to Respond CPR-A

Author: AdminComplexity: Standard

The First Aider’s Role The role of a trained first aider is to: Recognize emergencies. Call emergency services (EMS or 911). Act according to your skills, knowledge and comfort level.…

Emergency Medical Services – CPR-A

Author: AdminComplexity: Standard

When to Call EMS/911 If you believe an emergency exists, you should call immediately. It is better for professionals to determine whether they are needed than to not come when…

Occupational Health and Safety CPR-A

Author: AdminComplexity: Standard

Please note that every province and territory has slightly different regulations on workplace first aid. Scroll down to your province for more information and links. ALBERTA OFA *This information provided…

Emergency Scene Management – CPR-A

Author: AdminComplexity: Standard

Scene Survey The first step in ESM is the Scene Survey. Following the steps below will help you make prompt, accurate decisions and give the best care possible to the…

CPR & Automated External Defibrillation CPR-A

Author: AdminComplexity: Standard

  Figure 14: When checking for breathing rescuers should open the airway using the head-tilt chin-lift maneuver pictured above. How to Perform CPR Wear / use appropriate personal protective equipment…

Airway Emergencies CPR-A

Author: AdminComplexity: Standard

Mild Choking   Figure 6: Common symptoms of severe choking include clutching of the throat with hands, inability to speak, cough or breathe and wide eyes. Mild choking occurs when…

Cardiovascular Emergencies CPR-A

Author: AdminComplexity: Standard

Anatomy and Physiology The heart is a 4 chambered muscular organ located in the chest, midline, and slightly to the left. This organ brings de-oxygenated blood, from the veins, and…

Online Knowledge Evaluation – CPR-A

Author: AdminComplexity: Standard

Great Work! This final knowledge evaluation will measure your recall in this online program. A passing Grade of 75% or higher is required to proceed to the in-house training component.

Scheduling Your Exam CPR – A and AED

Author: Admin

Congratulations on completing the on-line component of the CPR – A and AED program. It is now time to schedule your exam at our training centre. Scroll to the bottom…

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