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Carver saves young girl from drowning in Arviat, Nunavut.

A carver was moving door to door to sell his carvings when he ended up saving a life.

Just in time

According to Thomas Nibgoarsi, he was walking around the community of around 2,300 people when he saw a young girl waving her arms and begging of help. He initially though it was not a big deal and started walking away until another young girl informed him that her friend is drowning.

Calgary first aid
After recalling his training, he performed CPR on the young girl.

Nibgoarsi immediately rushed to the ice and saw her hat and what seems to be clothes and then grabbed her. Nibgoarsi stated that he handled the situation on his own.

He was worried because there was nobody around. Luckily, he was taught how to perform CPR. After recalling his training, he performed CPR on the young girl. The young girl is now in Winnipeg under medical treatment. On that day, Nibgoarsi sold 2 carvings. He decided to keep one as a reminder of saving a young life.

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