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Students saves school bus after driver collapses

A group of students from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School were given recognition for being heroes in bringing safely the school bus to stop due to an emergency situation. The driver of the school bus collapse from a medical condition and the students immediately provided first aid to the man. According to the bus company the driver is now ok and still undergoing some tests.

Timely intervention

The incident happened on a Monday morning, the school bus was full of students going to school on the first day of school from a March break. The bus was on the way down York Road before the Olympic drive in Dundas, and one student named Aidan Gilmore was seated in one of the front seats. According to Gilmore, the driver started having convulsions and he thought the driver was having a seizure.

Calgary first aid
Some with training in first aid quickly checked on the driver, and provided first aid and CPR.

Gilmore, a grade 10 student of the school quickly got up from his chair and rushed to the wheel. The foot of the driver was still on the brake, and the bus was changing directions on the road. The boy knew that he have to do something to help the driver. Gilmore does not know how to drive a bus but has driven a golf cart. Still, he managed to slow down the bus and parked on the side of the road.

Other students on the bus Keven Brennan, 17 years old; Rachel Watson, 16 years old; Logan McCorquodale, 16 years old and Kennedy Couture also 16 years old quickly got up from their chair and tried to help with the situation. Some with training in first aid quickly checked on the driver, and provided first aid and CPR. McCorquodale properly parked the bus and turned off the engine. Paramedics arrived in the area and continued providing first aid and CPR on the driver and brought immediately to the hospital for further treatment. Another school bus arrived and the students were brought to school on time.

According to the Regional manager Sarah Vala, the driver of the school bus works for Shark Bus Lines and he is already OK. He is still in the hospital and doctors are still running test on the driver to figure out what happened. The driver is very grateful for the five students for their fast thinking and actions.

The parents of the students were very proud of their children for saving the lives of the other students in the bus and the driver.

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