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Baby saved by bystanders from a fatal crash with CPR

A baby named Winston was saved from a fatal head-on collision by fast action of the bystanders. According to a fire and rescue chief, Bentley Gibson the baby was inside in one of the vehicles. It is the biggest help you want to see. It is always hard on first responders especially tragedies that involves death of children. If a child died, turns the department and every people completely upside down.

Immediate bystander rescue

According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the incident happened on Highway 1, east of Tompkins, Sask. They were alerted to a vehicle speeding and driving on the side of the road. A few minutes after, they receive a call of a two-vehicle head-on collision.

Calgary first aid
The woman has first aid training and provided first aid to the baby.

Melanie Hughes, 27 years old, mother of Winston and a 62 year old Loretta Hughes, the grandmother, both were seated in the front seat of the car. According to the police, the driver of the other vehicle was driving on the wrong side of the road, was identified as a man in his 60’s from Gull Lake. Bystanders provided first aid and CPR on Melanie and Loretta Hughes but they were not revived they died immediately. The driver of the other vehicle also died and police believed that alcohol is the factor in the collision.

The Gull Lake fire crew, Gibson together with the Tompkins fire crew responded to the area. According to Gibson, there were three semi-truck drivers had already stopped at the area. The drivers saw the baby Winston in the back of the vehicle and reached in through the back window to get the baby out. A woman bystander had the baby already in his arms. The woman has first aid training and provided first aid to the baby. The baby stopped crying and settled down. The woman bystander assured us that the baby is doing fine.

According to Gibson, it all happened very quickly, in a matter of moments. He did not have any ideas about the bystander’s names. He gave credit the bystanders for their fast actions in rescuing the baby, especially if there was a risk of a fire after a collision like that.

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