bleeding first aid

Running to help and rendering first aid: A couple’s account of a road rage incident

The road-rage incident drastically stirred the lives of Jayson Bono and Dawn Pummill. The incident involved 3-year old girl named Preslie who sustained a shot in the head during a road rage event near the 1000 block of Southeast Bywood Avenue in Port St. Lucie. Enrolling in first aid training is an advantage to anyone, especially during emergencies where a life is on the line.

The scene progressed at the foot of their driveway where the victims of the road rage parked their truck. Bono and Pummill were asleep on the couch together and later heard a forceful bang on the door. The person banging on the door started yelling to call for emergency assistance.

Bono called for emergency assistance while Pummill rendered first aid care to the little girl by holding a towel to apply pressure on the gunshot wound in the head of the child.

Bleeding first aid
In case of unforeseen events, knowledge about basic first aid is truly invaluable.

A week after the incident, Pummill is still distraught. Everyday she checks the news hoping that the person responsible for the incident is caught. After the incident, she has been plagued by nightmares at sleep.

Unexpected ordeal: Need for first aid care

According to Bono, it was a terrifying ordeal at any given angle. For Pummill, she did not expect the victim to be a child. At the day of the incident, she saw the little girl at the car in the back-seat bleeding. It was indeed a terrifying sight for her.

At first, Pummill cried for a second and realized that she must be strong for the child. Pummill applied pressure on the head of the child until the police and medical team arrived on the scene. She does not want the child to die and told her to β€œhold on”.

In case of unforeseen events, knowledge about basic first aid is truly invaluable. Prompt action in times of need can help save a life. The importance of enrolling in a first aid CPR course is unquestionable these days.

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