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Langdon student performs first aid on schoolmate

A 13-year old girl was brought to the Alberta Children’s Hospital after struck by a vehicle in Langdon.

According to the EMS, the vehicle that struck the girl left the scene. The teenager was flown to the healthcare facility by STARS Air Ambulance in a severe but stable condition with a possibility for a head injury.

Hit-and-run scene

One of the girl’s classmate was nearby when the accident occurred and promptly helped. According to Nicolas Junor, 14 years old, he finished his first aid training a month ago through cadets. It was the first time that he used first aid since the training was a month ago. It was a nerve-wracking experience and he could not stop shaking while helping.

Even at an early age, there is no set age on when to learn first aid skills.

During the incident, he witnessed how the girl landed after being struck with half her body in some water and the other half in the ditch. The girl flipped over with the head down. He was able to cover the girl with a blanket.

The girl at that time was unconscious under a seizure but it does not appear that there are broken bones. She was unresponsive, still breathing with a road rash on her back. Nicolas was praying and hoping that she gets better.

According to the EMS, the collision occurred at Henderson Road and 4 Street N.E right before 6 PM. The witnesses said it was still light at the time of the collision occurred and the truck swerved at the girl and a friend before hitting them and drove off.

The vehicle responsible might have been a black truck but the model or make is unknown. The police reported that the truck was last seen moving east on Glenmore Trail.

Importance of first aid training

Even at an early age, there is no set age on when to learn first aid skills. Being familiar with the basic first aid skills has an advantage. The knowledge and skills you can learn from a first aid and CPR course can help during minor injuries and can make a difference during emergencies where a life might be on the line.

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