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Motorists helped pull victims from burning vehicles in Banff-Jasper crash

A highway crash in Jasper National Park involved the death of 6 people including 2 tourists from the United States.

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The collision in Alberta occurred on the Icefields Parkway near the Honeymoon Lake campground, approximately 60 kilometers south of the Jasper townsite.

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Some were performing CPR while others were providing blankets to the survivors.

A van transporting 5 members of a family from Louisiana and Texas were heading north when it crashed with a southbound vehicle. The crash caused both to go on fire according to RCMP Cpl. Laurel Scott.

The 4 people in the second vehicle were killed but their identities were not revealed. The 2 Americans in the van died at the scene and 2 other members of the family were transported to a healthcare facility. Scott added that a 2-year old in the van did not sustain any injuries.

According to Scott, a third vehicle swerved off the road to avoid the wreckage and 2 people in that vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Several motorists stopped to pull the victims out of the vehicles including a retired firefighter from Australia.

One of the passing motorists, Gagan Sidhu of Surrey, B.C. was travelling the highway and saw the wreckage. He got out of his vehicle to help. Some were performing CPR while others were providing blankets to the survivors. There were 2 men with injuries who died at the scene.

RCMP Sgt. Rick Bidaisee in Jasper greatly thanked everyone who helped during the incident.

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