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Man wounded on New Year’s Eve

A man was severely injured on New Year’s Day in Toronto’s west end. It is the first incident that happened early in the morning in the area of Vaughan Road and Oakwood Avenue and caused a severe injury.

The paramedics and emergency crews arrived and found the victim unconscious and with severe gunshot wounds. They found the man in an alley. They immediately provided first aid for the victim before transferring to the hospital. Originally the injuries of the victim were very severe but are now in a secure condition.

Unexpected ordeal

Calgary first aid
They immediately provided first aid for the victim before transferring to the hospital.

Shooting incident in Oakwood village, an assault in downtown and stabbing incidents in the east end and vehicular collisions kept the policemen busy on New Year’s Eve and early New Year’s Day.

Another incident happened early New Year’s Day which according to the policemen it was a random attack. Policemen were notified about an assault at Bathurst Street and Queen Street West early in the morning. According to the police the victim had a fight with two other men. The victim became unconscious, lying on the ground and severely bleeding. The paramedic immediately provided first aid and was rushed to the hospital but his condition worsened.

Increasing crime rates

According to the spokesperson of the Toronto Police Service, New Year’s Day is a busy night in all areas of the city. Many people are out on the street, lots of parties and heavy traffic downtown. Again they received reports of an early morning shooting in the Brant Street and King Street West, but it was false alarm, it just turned out to be fireworks.

Shooting in Oakwood village is another record of gun violence in Toronto, especially with the city increased record of homicides and shootings.

According to the public safety data portal of the police, there were at least a total of 424 shootings that happened in Toronto last year. At least about 51 people lost their lives and about 184 people only suffered injuries.

In 2018 fatal shootings increased by 31 percent from the recorded number in 2017. Shooting that only resulted to injuries increased only by 23 percent from the previous year.

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