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Man fatally beaten and stabbed by friend

Man was fatally beaten and stabbed to death. The police identified the man as Jason Dirks. According to the police the suspect named Shane Baum, in his 40’s was considered by the victim as a friend. He met this man at an addiction treatment program a few months ago. The victim was brought to the hospital but was declared dead due to his injuries.

Stabbing ordeal

About 1:30 in the morning of Saturday, the police received reports of a disturbance at a home located in 100 block of Margate Place N.E. the police found a man in medical distress. Some people in the area were already providing initial first aid on the victim.

The relationship between Baum and Dirks was very violent. A few years back, these two people would spend time together doing drugs and drinking. Sometimes they would have noisy arguments.

Calgary first aid
Some people in the area were already providing initial first aid on the victim.

During that time, the suspect, Baum did not have money and bank account. Dirks would help him by transferring his money to his account. Days before the incident, Dirks accused Baum of stealing his money and withdrawing 800 dollars from his account.

They had heated arguments through text messages. Baum took the CTrain over to Dirks’s basement suite. The two did cocaine and drank beers.

During that time, around 10:30 in the evening, some neighbors of Dirks who were living upstairs heard 2 people in a heated argument. Dirks can be heard pleading. Time passed and around 1:30 in the morning the neighbor again heard Dirks pleading and begging for his life.

Then she heard footsteps going upstairs of the apartment. The suspect left. The neighbor immediately called the emergency numbers. She immediately went downstairs and saw Dirks lying unconscious and dying on the floor and full of blood in his body.

According to the neighbor, Dirks might have been tortured before he was killed. His fingers look broken and had dark stains on his pants. As they were waiting for the paramedics to arrive, the neighbor, together with her friend immediately provided first aid on Dirks.

Dirks was immediately brought to the hospital by the paramedics but died later due to his injuries. Dirks suffered an 11-centimeter stab wound to his heart, a wound in his arm, wrist, and hand. He had blunt injuries to his head, torso, neck, and limbs

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