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Man drowned off Stanley Bridge given CPR

A man died despite CPR off Stanley Bridge. The man identified as Trent Jeremiah Simpson died while clam digging with his brother.

Unforeseen accident

An Ebenezer man who slipped underwater while harvesting clams with his brother in Stanley Bridge died from drowning.

Earlier, the RCMP and emergency officials were not certain if Trent Jeremiah Simpson, 47-years old had a medical emergency and fell into the water or if he drowned. Neither weather nor tidal conditions were contributing factors according to RCMP. In addition, foul play is not suspected.

Calgary first aid
Learning how to perform CPR and properly use an AED is vital.

The water in the area which was known as the Cavendish sandspit is shallow in some areas but there are deeper drop-offs. Simpson was found in the deeper water.

A boated helped in getting Simpson out of the water and a doctor attempted to perform CPR. According to Jason Peters who is with the New Glasgow Fire Department, there was a doctor and he was in the area on another boat and was able to help with CPR. The fire crews waited on shore and continued in performing CPR until the doctor called off the situation.

A defibrillator was used but Simpson could not be revived and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Importance of CPR and AED training

Learning how to perform CPR and properly use an AED is vital. Emergencies can occur without warning and you should be prepared on what to do.

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