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Woman saved by mall security guard with CPR and AED

A mall security guard performed CPR and used an AED to save a life. Pamela Morgan collapsed in Semiahmoo Shopping Centre but was saved by Cameron Hubley.

Heart attack at the mall

A South Surrey security guard was recognized as a hero for his quick action that saved the life of a senior. Hubley was working at the mall when he was alerted to a collapsed woman. Upon receiving the call, he turned around and could see her on the ground.

Calgary first aid
Training on CPR and AED is vital since emergencies can occur whether at home or in the workplace.

Morgan suffered a heart attack and she was bleeding from her head and turning blue. When the heart attack occurred, she went backwards into the floor and hit her head. Hubley made sure that his crew got the medkits. Her face was turning blue and she was not breathing and did not have a pulse. Hubley instructed a bystander to get a nearby defibrillator.

Hubley started performing chest compressions and continued until the AED was on hand. Once it arrived, he instructed a bystander to continue with CPR while he set up the device. When the device indicated that a shock is needed, he immediately delivered one shock.

The paramedics shortly arrived and took over. Morgan was rushed to a healthcare facility with a pulse and given life-saving surgery.

Importance of CPR and AED training

Training on CPR and AED is vital since emergencies can occur whether at home or in the workplace. What matters is that you are prepared to deal with emergencies once they occur.

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