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Two men involving in shooting ordeal received first aid

Two men were transported to a healthcare facility with non-life-threatening injuries. The Abbotsford Police are trying to connect why 2 men without apparent drug or gang connections were shot while driving along Ponderosa Street early morning.

Tragic ordeal

According to Const. Ian MacDonald, the 19 and 28-year old who sustained gunshot wounds in the shooting were cooperating with the police. He added that there is minimal contact with the 2 victims. Luckily, the injuries were not serious and were treated with first aid measures.

MacDonald stated that the pair were lucky to only sustained non-life-threatening injuries during the incident.

The 2 men were driving in the area of Ponderosa Street and Ponderosa Place at around 1:20 AM either on their way to or from a gathering when they were shot at by a passing vehicle.

According to MacDonald, it is not known how many shots were fired but the police retrieved several shell casings on the site. The victims are residents of west Abbotsford but do not reside in the area of the shooting.

Calgary first aid
Enrolling in first aid and CPR course is essential.

The investigators are currently interviewing witnesses and hope to acquire footage from video surveillance cameras installed at homes in the vicinity. MacDonald stated that it is too early to establish a possible motive for the shooting.

Why basic first aid is vital?

In instances where you are faced with a scenario where a person needs help and there is no medical personnel around, being trained on first aid and CPR is an advantage. Enrolling in first aid and CPR course is essential.

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