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Train crash incident did not result to injuries

A train crash into a semi-trailer did not result to injuries requiring first aid. According to Asst. Fire Chief Larry Watkinson, the truck was loaded with concrete slabs and became high-centered when moving through the tracks south of McLean Street.

Rail incident

The arms came down while the truck was attempting to move and the driver jumped away before the train struck the vehicle which was launched around 500 meters down the track.

Calgary first aid
Learning the basic first aid is an advantage during emergencies.

The slabs flew off the trailer like frisbees and destroyed a small outbuilding nearby which brought down the high-voltage lines.

Importance of first aid training

Learning the basic first aid is an advantage during emergencies. You should enroll in a first aid course today so that you are prepared. The life-saving skills can help in preventing the worsening of injuries.

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