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Teen rescues friend who had a seizure while surfing

A teen does not think of himself as a hero, but his actions during a surfing trip clearly fit the description.

The 15-year old was surfing with a friend in Tofino’s Cox Bay. The pair had traveled there from Vancouver with family for a vacation. The two teenagers had been spending the day catching waves when things quickly turned bad. The teen’s friend did not look right – he seemed dazed.

The teen paddled over to his friend, thinking that he might be in shock or had suffered a concussion. As he paddled, he could feel the rip current pulling each of them farther away from shore. He grabbed his friend and paddled out of the current at a 45-degree angle. As they got closer to the shore, his friend collapsed. His friend was having a seizure and the teen’s actions likely saved his life.

Calgary first aid
During emergencies, you should be knowledgeable on basic first aid skills.

The necessity of first aid training

During emergencies, you should be knowledgeable on basic first aid skills. You must enroll in first aid and CPR course to be prepared. You never know when emergencies occur and where.

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