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Socialize outside and wear a mask to limit COVID-19 spread

As the COVID-19 restrictions are eased, an infectious disease expert is recommending using a face mask while sitting on a patio and socialize with your social bubble outside as much as possible.

Restaurants and bar patios were allowed to reopen in Ottawa and eastern Ontario as the region entered Stage 2 of the COVID-19 reopening plan.

According to an expert, masks should be the new normal for clubs and pubs. Masks when combined with other measures, including physical distancing, and restricting some socialization events is going to be important. Young people are the ones who have been struggling with this restricted socialization that were part of the COVID-19 restrictions to limit the spread of the disease.

Calgary first aid
According to an expert, masks should be the new normal for clubs and pubs.

The Ottawa Public Health recommends people to wear a face mask when physical distancing is not possible.

Recently, the Ontario Government allowed people to gather in groups of 10 and form social bubbles of up to 10 people where physical distancing measures are not necessary.

It is still important to practice physical distancing as much as possible to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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