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Shooting incident leaves a man dead in Abbotsford

A shooting incident occurs at around 9 PM on Crown Court. A victim of the shooting incident in Abbotsford eventually succumbed to his injuries.

The incident occurred at around 9 PM on Crown Court, a cul de sac north of Charlotte Avenue which was west of Clearbrook Road.

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According to the witnesses, they heard several shots and a vehicle or more were screeching away from the site.

The paramedics were delivering CPR on the man at the scene but based on a press release by the Abbotsford Police, the man was declared dead at a healthcare facility. The case is now under the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT).

It is not yet clear where the victim was located at the time of the shooting incident or if the event has a connection to the Townline Hill conflict involving 2 groups of young men, mainly of South Asian descent under conflict for drug turf in west Abbotsford.

Calgary first aid
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