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Shooting incident: 32-year old victim given CPR

A 32-year old victim of a shooting incident was given CPR. The Edmonton police continued to search for the suspect in a shooting incident that resulted to his death.

The victim was identified as Clinton Roderick Roasting. He died early Monday morning after he was shot outside a Rundle Heights housing complex near 32 Street and 116A Avenue. The emergency crews arrived at the scene but he died despite the resuscitation attempts.

Calgary first aid
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is an important life-saving technique.

A man who lives nearby performed CPR on the victim along with other neighbors before the arrival of the emergency team. The police are asking anyone with information on the case to get in touch.

For the family

Janelle Littlechild who was Roasting’s cousin stated that the loss is devastating for the family. According to Littlechild, Roasting was an outgoing person, always smiling and did everything for his mother and 5 children. He was lately unemployed since he took care of his mother who has a medical condition.

Roasting had run-ins with the law but was hoping to turn his life around. Based on the court records, Roasting spent time in jail for aggravated assault in a case where the court head he mistakenly stabbed a taxi driver after waking up and thinking he was kidnapped.

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