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Sanitation workers deliver CPR to save a life

The timely delivery of CPR during emergencies can significantly improve the outcome. Chris Lynch and John Sweitzer saved Doug Cairns with timely delivery of CPR when he collapsed in his driveway. The two sanitation workers were recognized for their life-saving efforts.

Saving a life

Chris Lynch and John Sweitzer were working in a residential neighborhood when Sweitzer noticed that a man he always greeted was sprawled in his driveway.

According to Sweitzer, he was on the back throwing garbage while Chris was driving. He ran over to the man and noticed that his head was bleeding. Upon checking the man, there was no response from the man. At that point, the two men sprang into action.

Lynch is a volunteer firefighter with the Middlesex Centre Fire Service who did not hesitate to utilize his skills. They assumed that the man had a heart attack. The paramedics arrived within minutes and the man was placed on a stretcher and rushed to a healthcare facility.

CPR training is important

As the two city workers continued on with the rest of their day, Doug Cairns, the man that they saved awoke inside the ambulance.

Calgary first aid
Prompt delivery of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and using an automated external defibrillator (AED) can save a life.

According to Cairns, he got 4 broken ribs which he understands is expected from CPR but he is truly happy to be alive. He was given a second chance in life after the timely actions of his rescuers.

Cairns was shoveling in his driveway when it happened. He had just been handed the lid to his garbage can by John Sweitzer when he was hit with an abrupt wave of nausea. He was amazed that the sanitation personnel had first aid and CPR training.

Upon release from the healthcare facility, he started to track down the two men who saved his life to personally thank them for their life-saving efforts.

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