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Prompt CPR: Good Samaritans help woman struck by vehicle

Woman struck by a car died despite delivery of CPR. A Winnipeg couple tried in vain to save a woman who was hit by a car on Henderson Highway.

Saving a life with CPR

Jonathan and Jen Millions dropped off their children at Montessori School and headed to work when the traffic suddenly came to a stop. Upon closer look, there was a lady lying face-down on the curb and some people standing. Both Jen and Jonathan were trained in CPR and wanted to see if they can help. A person was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher who instructed them to turn the woman over and start CPR.

Calgary first aid
Both Jen and Jonathan were trained in CPR and wanted to see if they can help.

A woman started the chest compressions on the victim. Jonathan got down on the ground to take turns with her. Another man started giving mouth-to-mouth and they continued CPR until the paramedics arrived a few minutes later.

Driver shaken by incident

According to the police, the 71-year old woman was transported to a healthcare facility in critical condition but succumbed to her injuries.

The driver of the vehicle that struck the woman was visibly shaken and pacing back and forth and praying. According to the traffic investigators, the woman was trying to cross the street and she was hit by a southbound vehicle.

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