Food Safety Certification

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We proudly offer Alberta Food Safe approved on-line food safety certification courses. No Refunds for online courses. Participants that register for this course will have to complete 8 modules and quizzes prior to attending the final multiple choice exam at our training centre. To register for an on-line course read through the course details below and register by clicking the link above or below. You can start the food safety course immediately upon registration.

How to Register

To register for the course scroll to the bottom of the page. Payment can be processed on-line. Please input all information correctly. Please read through the entire page to ensure you understand the requirements and the refund and transfer policy.

Course Provider

This course is provided through St Mark James Training which is an approved provider of Alberta Food Safety.

Privacy Policy

To view our record keeping and privacy policy click here.


Participants should have basic English reading and comprehension skills.

How Much Time to Complete the Course

Participants must complete the course within 8 weeks of registering.

Length of the Course

This course takes approximately 10 hours to complete. Participants will have one hour to complete the final multiple choice exam.

Quizzes and Exams

The on-line course is divided into 8 modules. After completing a module participants must successfully complete a short multiple choice quiz in order to move onto the next module. The final exam must be taken at our training facility. Once the course is completed contact us via email at [email protected] or call 587-774-5317 to schedule an examination time. We are incredibly flexible and offer participants the opportunity to take the final exam on almost any day. The final exam is multiple choice and participants must receive a minimum score of 70% in order to successfully complete the course.

Participants must be aware of the exam policy prior to attending the final exam. Key points include

  • 1 hour time limit
  • Government issue picture ID is required
  • Closed Book

Please read the complete exam policy prior to attending. Click here to read the policy.

Course Costs

The cost of the course is 49.99. The cost of the course includes taxes and certification fees. No hidden fees.

When Will I Receive My Certificate?

Participants will receive their certificate immediately upon successful completion of the final exam.

Technical Assistance / Course Help

Participants registered for the course will have access to an “Ask the Teacher” button that allows for on-line communication with the course instructor. Participants will receive a response to any question within 24 hours. Participants can also contact us at 587-774-5317 or email [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns.

Refunds and Transfers

Refunds and transfers are not accepted.

Technical Requirements

This on-line course is provided through this website and is completed using your browser. This course can be completed using your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Please ensure that you have an updated browser to be able to properly view the course.

Course Content

Participants will learn about the following topics:

  • Operation of a Food Premises: Approvals, Permits and Enforcement
  • Construction, Design and Facilities
  • Control of Food Hazards
  • Maintenance and Sanitation
  • Microbiology, Personal Hygiene and Communicable Diseases
  • Education and Training

Additional Information

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Unit 2: Education and Training

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: vanfirstaidComplexity: Standard

Objectives Required educational programs of food establishments Responsibilities of the training programs Who needs Food Handler Training Time expiration of training programs Components of Food Safety Training Courses Who are food…

Unit 4: Construction, Design and Facilities

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: vanfirstaidComplexity: Standard

Objectives What is the difference between commercial and residential kitchens Identify and discuss factors that should be considered when designing a food establishment including temporary food premises and mobile vending:…

Unit 5: Maintenance and Sanitation

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: vanfirstaidComplexity: Standard

Objectives: What is a sanitation plan What is fixed equipment Maintenance and sanitation of food and non-food contact surfaces Handling and storage of cleaned and sanitized dish Ware What is…

Unit 6: Control of Food Hazards

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: vanfirstaidComplexity: Standard

Objectives Differentiate different food safety hazards Differentiate different biologic hazards Explain the pathogenesis of food-borne illness What are the common food-borne pathogens What are the non-common food-borne illnesses and micro-organisms…

Unit 7: Control of Food Hazards

Length: 60 minutesAuthor: vanfirstaidComplexity: Standard

Objectives: Control measures and management systems in food establishments What kind of records should be kept How to manage incoming material The importance of temperature controls, reheating, hot holding, cold…

Scheduling Your Exam

Length: 10 minutesAuthor: vanfirstaid

Congratulations on completing the on-line component of the food safety certification program. It is now time to schedule your exam at our training centre. Scroll to the bottom of the…

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