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Man saves Kitchener heart attack victim with CPR

The man who saved the life of Kitchener heart attack victim with CPR was an angel. For Jessica Burman Zinger, the man is a hero and angel who saved the life of her husband.

Zinger thought her husband was going to die after he collapsed on the road outside a Kitchener coffee shop. Minutes before her husband collapsed, Lane Burman, 40-years old pushed their car out of a snow drift. They parked the car and were crossing Victoria Street to go to Smile Tiger Coffee when Burman collapsed.

Unforeseen ordeal

Calgary first aid
As the man performed CPR, Burman came to again and started to breathe.

People nearby moved Burman off the road. A young man started to perform CPR on Burman.

As the man performed CPR, Burman came to again and started to breathe. He looked around at the crowd but he passed out again.

Life-saving CPR

Burman was rushed to a healthcare facility and miraculously survived. According to Zinger, her husband is doing well now.

After her husband was admitted and under treatment, she had a chance to talk to the young man who performed CPR since he also came to the healthcare facility. She learned that Dylan Duncan had only been certified in CPR 2 weeks ago. She hugged the young man and thanked him for his effort.

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