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Man resuscitated after collapsing on the squash court

A man whose heart stopped while playing squash was revived with CPR. The man was playing squash at The Yellowknife Racquet Club with his friends when he collapsed.

The man shared that his heart just went into a bad rhythm and it placed him into cardiac arrest. One of his friends started CPR and yelled for help. It was then at that point when the Racquet Club employees came on the scene.

Someone grabbed an AED from another room and hooked up the paddles on the man’s chest. Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was performed and the AED gave the man a shock.

The man was rushed to Stanton Territorial Hospital where he was put in an induced coma. He was later Medevaced 3 days after to Edmonton’s Royal Alexandra Hospital where he underwent a series of tests, all showing that his heart is healthy.

Calgary first aid
Enrolling in first aid and CPR course is essential.

Why basic first aid is vital?

In instances where you are faced with a scenario where a person needs help and there is no medical personnel around, being trained on first aid and CPR is an advantage. Enrolling in first aid and CPR course is essential.

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