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Man dies in ice boat crash despite CPR

A 78-year old man died in an ice boat crash despite CPR. The incident occurred when his ice boat crashed on the Bay of Quinte. An ice boat is strikingly the same as a sailboat but equipped with skates or skis to allow it to glide over ice.

Icy ordeal

The ice boat seems to have hit a pressure crack near Rednersville Road in Ameliasburgh which caused the front blade to jam where the boat abruptly stopped.

Calgary first aid
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The witness donned a flotation suit and went out onto the ice to help the pilot of the ice boat. CPR was started and other witnesses assisted in bringing the man to shore. The paramedics took over with the resuscitation efforts. Despite their attempts to save the man, he died. An autopsy is scheduled to determine the root cause of death.

The Prince Edward County OPP are reminding residents to monitor ice and snow conditions before venturing out onto the ice. The fluctuating temperatures can result to varying ice thickness.

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