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Man dead outside North York apartment building given CPR

A man is found dead in the San Ramonaway and Jane Street area. The police identified the man as Lawrence Errol John, 28 years old was fatally shot while inside a vehicle outside of the North York apartment early in the morning.

Timely intervention

According to the Toronto Police, David Hopkison, emergency crews received a call from San Ramonaway in the Finch Avenue West and Jane Street area that multiple gunshots were heard. They saw John and a female passenger inside the vehicle. John was severely injured and they immediately provided CPR and first aid to the victim.  According to witnesses who saw the incident, the victims were approached by a group of people and fired at them. John was shot several times and was not revived by the emergency crews.

Calgary first aid
John was severely injured and they immediately provided CPR and first aid to the victim.

The shooting of John was one the five incidents that happened in the same day. Early morning in Scarborough in Crittenden Square and Crow Trail area a man was shot several times. This happened nearly five hours before John was shot.

Around 10 in the morning, witnesses heard several gunshots in Midtown laneway. Bystanders immediately provided first aid and CPR to the victim. Paramedics immediately brought the victim to the hospital for further treatment.

The police arrested a man in relation to another shooting incident that severely injured a male teenager around 4 in the afternoon in North York. Another suspect is not yet found, and the police believed the man is dangerous and armed. A few hours later, another victim was taken to the hospital in a serious condition, following a shooting incident in north Toronto, in the Keele Street and Ingram Drive.

The death of John marked the 94th homicide in Toronto along with gun violence in the largest city. There was a rise in gun-related killings accounted so far this year, according to the police statistics. According to Insp. Idsinga of Toronto police homicide unit, they have seized more guns about 900 firearms off the street within this year, but shootings still keeps on happening.

The mayor of the area has approved a complete ban on handgun within the area of the city and contributed new funding for programming youth for the purpose of providing opportunities especially to weak young people.

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