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Injured trail runner given first aid

A man in his 20s was given first aid after rescued from the mountains near Lions Bay, B.C. The man spent a cold night outside.

Dangers in the wilderness

According to Lions Bay Search and Rescue, the man fell onto some sharp rocks while trail running on Mount Harvey with his girlfriend. Search manager Brent Calkin stated that he had a rough night with his leg injury and a potential spinal injury.

Calgary first aid
Proper first aid care can greatly help in improving the outcome of emergencies.

The crews attempted to use a long line to reach the man but ran out of daylight and could not perform the rescue, leaving the runner stranded on the mountain. Five rescuers set up camp and spent the night with the injured man.

The runner who has not been identified was only wearing light clothing and was suffering from hypothermia when the crews reached him. Calkin stated that they had five members go in with a camp kit and the hypothermia kits to stabilize him overnight.

The members of the overnight crew were told to assess the condition of the man and decide if he was fit to spend the night outside. Lions Bay SAR was considering calling in extra support from the military but decided to wait until Monday morning.

Prompt intervention

Proper first aid care can greatly help in improving the outcome of emergencies. You can be prepared by enrolling in a first aid course today.

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