House fire: Elderly couple fears for life of son despite CPR

An elderly couple worries for the life of their son after the family hardly escapes a house fire overnight.

The fire broke out at Vince Shoemaker’s wood frame house on 116 Avenue and 140 Street where the family lived since 1954. The shoemaker had to drag his 83-year old wife up to the door as the house is filled with smoke. According to the shoemaker, the event was intense, and he could not see anything.

Timely assistance by neighbors

Luckily, two neighbors met them at the entrance who rushed to help them after witnessing the flames. Neil Prendeville who lives next to the family said that they did their best to get everybody out. He was right by the door and we pulled him out. We also lifted his wife and carried her out.

The couple lives with three of their adult sons. Sadly, one of them was not able to make it outside on his own and the fire was too intense for the neighbors to help him.

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Elderly couple fears for son’s life after home goes up in flames

Prompt rescue

The firefighters arrived at the scene and were able to locate the shoemaker’s son on the second floor. They performed CPR on the scene before transported to a healthcare facility, but his condition is serious.

It was a devasting event for the couple since they lost another child in a fire back in 1984. They lived through the event once and this is another similar day.

The couple are grateful to their neighbors and the firefighters who responded. The shoemaker said that they are supported by their neighbors as they recover from the ordeal.

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