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Child involved in near drowning ordeal given first aid care

A young boy, around 7-years old, is in a severe condition after nearly drowning in a public pool in St-Michel borough.

Near drowning incident

The police received a 911 call at around 6:35 PM saying that a young boy was found unconscious in a public pool on Francois Perreault St.

According to Urgences-Sante spokesperson Stephane Smith, the lifeguards retrieved the boy out of the water. The paramedics quickly attempted to perform first aid measures to resuscitate him.

They were successful in restoring his breathing, but he remains unconscious when he was transported to a healthcare facility where he stays in a critical condition.

Smith could not provide any comment on the root cause of the incident. The young boy was found unconscious in the water. The reason why and how it occurred remains unknown for now.

Calgary first aid
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