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Barrie man died after arrest

A Barrie man died after a violent arrest and a witness took a video of the incident. The video was uploaded in the internet by the witness that shows a man being arrested by officers, repeatedly tasered and subdued physically. A bystander can be heard criticizing the police officers as they struggle with the victim. The police eventually pins him down to the ground. In a different video which was taken at a different angle, another officer can be seen joining in the arrest of the man.  The man about in his 30’s died after an argument with the police. The Ontario police watchdog is investigating the incident. The incident happened at about 2:30 in the afternoon.

Unforeseen ordeal

Relatives of the man who died after an arrest of policemen in Barrie, Ontario are calling for justice. According to the police the man, named Olando Brown went into medical distress after he was taken to the police station. The paramedics present in the area immediately provided first aid to the victim. He was transferred to the Royal Victoria Regional Health Center where he was declared dead due to his severe injuries.

Calgary first aid
The paramedics present in the area immediately provided first aid to the victim.

According to the Barrie police, they cannot give any comment on the incident because the Special Investigating Unit or SIU was authorized to investigate. They did not elaborate why the man was arrested or what charges he is facing. According to The chief of the police, this tragic incident is difficult for our community. The Legislation is preventing the Barrie Police Service from speaking about the event or circumstances that resulted to the incident. The police officers started providing first aid when the man was having a medical emergency and that they also contacted paramedics. The Barrie police or the SIU have identified the victim.

After the death of Olando Brown, the union representing the Barrie Police officers stated in news, a tragic incident for all who were involved that happened in Barrie, we will stand 100% behind our members. The SIU is an arm’s-length agency that investigates reports on deaths, serious injuries and allegations of sexual assaults that involves policemen.

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