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A child involved in boating incident given first aid care

A 6-year old is dead after a boating incident. A North Vancouver family was boating on Kalamalka Lake in Vernon when the incident occurred. There were reports of a drowning incident at Kalamalka Lake which was south of Vernon.

According to Vernon RCMP, the family was boating on the lake and was returning to the dock when the driver turned the boat and the child fell overboard.

Boating accident

According to Cpl. Tania Finn, the child was hit by a part of the boat. The child was rushed to the pier and attended by the emergency response crews with first aid care but despite all the efforts, the child died.

The police were on the scene on a dock on the eastern edge of the beach around 7 PM. There was a body beneath a tarp on the dock with 2 people kneeling beside it.

The beachgoers kept a respectful distance from the scene on the dock as police kept a tight guard on those who approached too close.

Calgary first aid
During emergencies, it is best that you are knowledgeable about basic first aid skills.

Police are assisting the BC Coroner Service and the family is given support from the Vernon North Okanagan Victim Services.

The necessity of first aid training

During emergencies, it is best that you are knowledgeable about basic first aid skills. You must enroll in first aid and CPR course to be prepared. You never know when emergencies occur and where.

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