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A child involved in a drowning incident saved by a trio of girls

Three young girls rescued a 5-year old from drowning in northern Manitoba. The girls, only around 8 were skipping rocks on Friday close to their Grand Rapids home when they saw 5-year old Lakeisha floating face down in the water.

One of the girls jumped into the water and dragged the child to the shore while another went to get help. The two girls performed CPR which they said to have learned from a movie.

Importance of adult supervision

According to Phoenix Chartier, one of the rescuers, she plugged the nose of the child and opened the mouth, and began delivering breaths in her mouth. A neighbor brought Lakeisha to the nursing station where she fully recovered.

According to Monique Bear, the mother of one of the rescuers, if the girls did not saw her on time, the child might have drowned. If they did not perform rescue breathing, her chances of survival are thin since she was starting to turn blue facing down in the water.

Calgary first aid
Even at an early age, children should undergo first aid and CPR training.

According to Lakeisha’s aunt, an adult will always accompany the girls while playing by the riverbank from now on.

Why should children learn first aid?

Even at an early age, children should undergo first aid and CPR training. As basic life-saving skills, it is invaluable and can help save a life.

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