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19 year-old-man victim of LRT stabbing given first aid

A 19-year-old man was stabbed and severely injured at an Edmonton LRT platform.  The victim who was not yet identified was stabbed several times. According to the police the attack was “unprovoked” that happened at the South Campus LRT station. While the victim was waiting for the train, he was just stabbed in the chest several times.

Some bystanders, who were in the area, immediately helped the man and provided first aid and CPR to the victim. According to a witness, they did not see a fight beforehand and the man just came out of nowhere and just started stabbing the man. The attack was sudden and unprovoked. A doctor and a nurse were also in the platform and waiting for the train also helped and provided first aid on the victim.

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Calgary first aid
Some bystanders, who were in the area, immediately helped the man and provided first aid and CPR to the victim.

According to the police, about 20 minutes after the attack, they were called to a robbery at a Petro-Canada on 57th Avenue and 111th street. According to some witnesses the man went inside the shop, beat an employee and stole some goods in the shop. He also stole the Cadillac of the woman that was parked in the parking lot. The police traced the stolen Cadillac using an electronic vehicle monitoring system and saw it parked near 179th Street and 106A Avenue in Edmonton.

A man named Mario Bigchild, age 24 has been charged with attempted murder in connection with an unprovoked stabbing at Edmonton LRT Platform.

The police stated in news, the accused are also charged with assaulting and disarming a peace officer, aggravated assault, escape lawful custody, possession of a dangerous weapon and two counts of robbery that happened on the same day.

In a statement issued by Alberta Health Services, the family of the victim is very grateful for the people who helped saved their son in the aftermath of the stabbing incident. They are expressing their sincere gratitude and thanked bystanders who provided first aid and CPR and did everything they could to help our son. They are also grateful for their bravery and their assistance. Furthermore the family also thanked the Emergency Medical Services, staff and physicians at a hospital where our son is recovering well from his injuries.

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