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11-year old Windsor girl who save infant

The family members credit 11-year old girl for saving her baby cousin from choking. Fenyx Aubin-LeBlanc is the grade-6 student who save the infant. She credits her training on a babysitter course which allowed her to act.

The incident occurred at the home of Fenyx’s grandfather in Windsor. The extended family were gathered to celebrate the birthday of one of her cousins. The adults were having a conversation in the kitchen while Fenyx and other children were watching TV in the living room.

Choking incident

Calgary first aid
The baby, Nora was in her baby bouncer when Fenyx heard her making choking sounds.

The baby, Nora was in her baby bouncer when Fenyx heard her making choking sounds. After realizing that her cousin was turning red in color, Fenyx shouted out for help. She held grabbed the infant out of the bouncer, turned her face downwards and started to deliver back blows. These are repetitive pats on the back to help dislodge any obstruction in the airway.

Luckily, the technique was effective. Nora started to breathe again as the adults responded to the Fenyx’s shouts for help.

It was discovered that the infant had been chewing on a piece of tissue paper that she torn away from the birthday gift packaging.

According to Fenyx, she took the course 2 times since she babysits her 2 younger sisters.

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