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11-year old girls recognized as heroes for saving a young boy

Two 11-year old girls are hailed as heroes for saving the life of a young boy from drowning in a Lachine pool.

Both girls were at the Lachine public pool when another girl asked for help, pointing to her brother who was under the water.

One of the girls saw him in the deep end and dove down to help. She tapped him to check if he would get up. The boy did not move and she went back down and got him and pulled him up.

The lifeguards and others came to their side as they pulled him to a platform. Once the young boy was out of the water, the lifeguards started performing CPR. The 10-year boy reportedly survived.

Calgary first aid
Enrolling in first aid and CPR course is essential.

According to Quebec’s Lifesaving Society, there have been 46 cases of drownings in the province with most cases occurring in lakes and rivers. When it comes to pools, it is vital for lifeguards and swimmers to work together. Parents should always be watching their children, even if they are good swimmers.

Why basic first aid is vital?

In instances where you are faced with a scenario where a person needs help and there is no medical personnel around, being trained on first aid and CPR is an advantage. Enrolling in first aid and CPR course is essential.

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