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Victim of shooting in Pierrefonds was given CPR

A 20-year old man in Ramsay St. in Pierrefonds was shot. It was a quiet residential neighborhood with a few 3-story apartment buildings and single-family homes.

The street was cordoned off with police tape while investigators check the area. They thoroughly checked through garbage and recycling bins for bullet casings and other signs into the city’s 20th homicide of the year.

Shooting incident

The man living in an area was shot during an altercation with another man. The incident occurred amidst two of the street’s apartment buildings. The man was shot in the upper body at least once.

The victim has a group of friends along and they called for emergency assistance when he was shot. The friends brought him into their car and on their way to a healthcare facility when they crossed paths with a police squad car.

Calgary first aid
The firefighters and an ambulance were called and CPR was delivered on the scene.

The firefighters and an ambulance were called and CPR was delivered on the scene. The man was transported to a healthcare facility in severe condition and later announced dead early Thursday.

No arrests were made but the police interviewed several witnesses including the man’s friends. The major crimes unit is assessing the two scenes – the area where the man was shot and the site where he was met by police.

According to the neighbors, the area is quiet but there was a police operation nearby. The police apparently broke down a door using a battering ram.

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