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Victim of a road accident receives timely life-saving CPR

In emergencies, timely delivery of CPR can save a life. A man was given CPR after a collision on Gateway Boulevard. At the site of the incident, belongings were strewn across the road and traffic started to build up.

Prompt delivery of CPR

According to Sonya Lambert, a man was standing up while pedaling his bicycle and a trailer carrying possessions ends up stuck on the curb. A car driving in front of Lambert hit the man who was crossing in the middle of the road. The man was bleeding in the back of his head. Lambert quickly called 911 while another woman started performing CPR.

Calgary first aid
The man was bleeding in the back of his head. She called 911 while another woman started CPR.

The man was yelling on the ground due to the pain. The driver of the car was bawling when he exited his vehicle. The man was evidently in a state of shock.

Lambert felt bad for the man who was struck by the vehicle. She shares that she often drives through Gateway Boulevard. Most cyclists and pedestrians often cross in the middle of the road.

Importance of CPR training

You should enroll in a first aid class to learn the life-saving skills needed during emergencies. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is one of these skills that can help save a life.

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