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First aid given to victim

A mail bomber was arrested for attempts to murder his ex-wife and two lawyers from Winnipeg. The bombs were sent through a mail in 2015. The man named Guido Amsel was sentenced to life imprisonment.

First aid for victim

According to Constable Paul Barker, he was on patrol when he received a report of a “bomb event” at a law office at 252 River Avenue. The front window of the building was already blown up and saw a woman at the entrance and waving hysterically to get my attention. Inside the building I found Mitousis lying on the floor, and leaning against the door of his office and holding her throat. There was plenty of blood and the throat of Mitousis was severely injured. Barker immediately called an ambulance and gets his first aid kit from the car. He provided first aid to the injured woman.

Calgary first aid
Appropriate first aid care must be provided.

Mitousis complained that her left hand was “stinging” or feels like burning sensation. Barker lifted it to check and he was shocked but just kept his reaction from the woman. He compared the hands to an empty glove, the skin was still present but the bones and flesh are gone. Barker helped the woman by applying gauze and pressure on the wounds to minimize the bleeding. A few minutes later the paramedics arrived and provided first aid to Mitousis and helped her walk to an ambulance. She was brought to the hospital for further treatment. The woman eventually lost the right hand and the left hand was able to save by the doctors.

Action by the police

According to the police, Amsel sent packages containing bombs were mailed to two law firms and to his ex-wife. The two bombs were safely detonated but the third one went off in the hands of the lawyer, Maria Mitousis. The police reconstructed the letter that was mailed with a bomb it says “Hi Maria, push enter to start. Listen to the conversation and phone me.”

According to the police, Amsel used homemade explosives using household chemicals and included messages to their targets. One bomb mailed to Maria Mitousis, gave her instructions to activate a recording device. Another bomb mailed to his former lawyer, which include a message on a stamped metal that says “report or blow your head off.”

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