Canada’s top doctors defend mask advice as the country reaches 50,000 cases

According to officials, wearing a non-medical mask can prevent the spread of COVID-19 when physical distancing is not possible.

The chief medical officers of Canada defended the record of their agency on non-medical masks as the country’s cases of COVID-19 reached 50,000.

The optional use of non-medical masks to stop the spread of the virus has been endorsed after questions started to pour in regarding their usefulness in slowing the spread of COVID-19. As of April 29, there were around 50,000 confirmed cases and 2,984 deaths in Canada. The officials are continually re-assessing data on masks and that the main concern was the availability of medical ones for healthcare workers.

In Canada, masks have been required for domestic flights since April 20.

The public should be aware that the other measures recommended must be observed. These measures include hand-washing, staying at home when sick, and observing a two-meter physical distance from non-household members.

In Canada, masks have been required for domestic flights since April 20. In B.C., the CDC stated that wearing a cloth mask is a matter of personal choice. The agency recommends that sick individuals “should” wear masks and they are an “appropriate” element in preventing and controlling the infection if one has COVID-19 symptoms or caring for a person with symptoms.

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