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A Saskatchewan mother saves life of a triplet with CPR

A Saskatchewan mother saved her newborn triplets by providing CPR on one of the babies while still giving birth to the other two.

A mother named Danielle Johnston had an early labor at home and she delivered the first baby who was not breathing. She immediately provided CPR on the baby while waiting for the ambulance to arrive to take them to the hospital.

Saving lives

According to Johnston in a phone interview with a news reporter, she kept the first baby alive by providing chest compressions while there are still two babies inside me and I am fighting contractions. Johnston gave birth to two other babies by C-section at the hospital. These three babies have different birthdays. They were already stabilized and are still in the neonatal intensive care unit. They are growing strong and soon be taken off from their feeding tubes.

Calgary first aid
According to a magazine, it stated that it was not the first time Johnston use CPR to save the life of her children.

Johnston recalled that she was 32 weeks pregnant with the triplets and there is still no sign of early labor. I suddenly started having strong contractions while putting her youngest kids to bed. I woke up the next morning in a terrible pain. Her 15 years old son Dillon called the ambulance. Her pain became severe and she had the urge to push. When the baby came out, she was not breathing. She immediately provided CPR on her baby. When the ambulance arrived, the baby was taken to a hospital in Weyburn, and then Johnston was immediately rushed to Regina because the 2 babies inside her were breech. The two babies were delivered by C-section. It was scary at first; the three babies are all on oxygen and IVs. Looking back on her birth experience, and how she kept calm, I don’t think I have no other choice but I have to do it.

According to a magazine, it stated that it was not the first time Johnston use CPR to save the life of her children. When her daughter Kate was about 10 months old, both of them, Johnston and the baby were buried in the sand near a Regional Park in Midale, Sask. Johnston uncovered her head and pulled the baby out of the sand. The baby has sand all over her mouth and face and she immediately provided CPR and then the baby started to cry. Today, Kate is a nine-year-old, happy and healthy girl.

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