What are the uses of an antiseptic cream?

An antiseptic cream typically contains either penicillin or streptomycin antibiotics that eliminates bacteria. Some of these creams include a mild anesthetic that lessens slight pain and pacifies the skin during the recuperation process.

If applied topically, an antiseptic cream hinders the growth of microorganisms. In most instances, only a thin layer is needed.

Wound care


An antiseptic cream is ideal for minor first-degree burns.

Lacerations and cuts are skin wounds brought about by minor injuries. A minor wound that does not involve the face and less than ½ inch can be treated at home.

Simply wash the wound with warm water and soap, allowing the water to flow over the wound to flush out any debris or dirt. The application of an antiseptic cream on the wound after cleansing can prevent infection and potential scarring. A sterile bandage can keep the wound clean as well. The daily application of the cream and bandage change can hasten the healing process.

Can I use an antiseptic cream for burns?

An antiseptic cream is ideal for minor first-degree burns. A first-degree burn typically forms after exposure to hot beverages, cigarettes, grease, prolonged sun exposure and even friction.

It is important to note that a minor burn is red, sensitive and oftentimes swollen. The minor burns require gentle washing using water and soap followed by the application of an antiseptic cream 2-3 times throughout the day.

Placing a sterile dressing over the burn is optional but can help keep the cream in place.

Rashes and fungal infections

Fungal infections stem from microorganisms that invade the upper skin layer. This leads to irritation of the skin and rashes which might necessitate an antiseptic cream.

The antifungal and antibacterial properties in the cream can eliminate any detrimental organisms and thwart the spread of the rash. Take note that the rash necessitates mild cleaning using water and soap as well as dabbing an antiseptic cream at least twice a day until the rash settles.


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