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Calgary first aid

Man found in Maple Ridge house received CPR

CPR was performed on a man found in a Maple Ridge house. A domestic incident might be associated with the death of a 59-year old Maple Ridge, B.C. man. Timely assistance Integrated Homicide Investigation Team Sgt. Jennifer Pound stated that the Mounties were called to the suburban Vancouver house just after 2 AM. The paramedics […]

Calgary first aid

Victims of head on collision given first aid

One of the victims of a head on collision in Abbotsford given first aid before transported to a healthcare facility. Two vehicles slammed into each other head-on in Abbotsford night, killing one driver and sending the other to a hospital. Head-on collision victims rescued The collision occurred in the 2400 block of Whatcom Road. The […]

Calgary first aid

Summerside Police Officers not charged in fatal shooting incident

Police officers fatally shot a man named Jeremy Stephens, 32 years old. SIRT is investigating the incident. SIRT is a serious response Team. It is a civilian oversight agency that investigates incidents that involves police. Deadly ordeal According to a report, it stated that a few hours earlier the Summerside police were running after suspects […]

Calgary first aid

2 near fatal overdoses in courthouse

Two near-fatal overdoses in Regina courthouse call attention to dangers of drugs in jails and remand centers. Two women scheduled to appear in court at the provincial courthouse never made it. They were given medical care for a possibility of overdosing from opioid. Deadly overdose According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Justice, Drew […]

Calgary first aid

Students saves school bus after driver collapses

A group of students from St. Mary Catholic Secondary School were given recognition for being heroes in bringing safely the school bus to stop due to an emergency situation. The driver of the school bus collapse from a medical condition and the students immediately provided first aid to the man. According to the bus company […]

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