UV Light Cleaner and Sterilizer Box Bag, Portable UV Sanitizer Machine UVC Light Disinfection Box Bag


Brand new UV light disinfecting sanitizer box that can efficiently sanitize items using a chemical-free process. It might be time to take cleaning to a whole new level with this UV box. With the increasing awareness in keeping everything clean, you need this UV box to keep the items that you use regularly properly disinfected at all times.
Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 3.5
Portable and foldable design. With this UV box, you can effectively clean items that you extensively use. With its foldable design, it allows you to save space, especially for traveling purposes. The UV box is lightweight and foldable, allowing you to take it along wherever you go and will not take up a lot of space yet spacious to sanitize a variety of items.
The UV box comes in the right size to accommodate small items such as baby bottles, electronic products, beauty tools, glasses, jewelry, iPad, gloves, face mask, cellphones, keys, toothbrushes, etc. When cleaning your items, make sure that the items are dry before placing them inside the UV box.
USB powered LED UVC light with a 30-minute auto stop timer. With the built-in LED lamp beads with 265-280nm wavelengths, the UV box can efficiently sanitize items in just a short while, making it a convenient device if you need to clean your items. The LED lamps do not release any harmful chemicals and rest assured that it is safe to use.
Built-in rechargeable battery that can operate for up to 15 times once fully charged. The lifespan of the bulbs can last for up to 10,000 hours. The inner section of the UV box is surrounded by a reflective surface to ensure the maximum exposure of your items during the sanitization process.
When the lid of the UV box is opened more than 45 degrees, the light bulbs instantly switches off to protect your eyes from damage. The leakproof aluminum foil design ensures that the ultraviolet rays will not leak.
The UV box can effectively and quickly clean your items. The power automatically switches off for safe usage without worrying about the power supply after 30 minutes.
The compact size makes it easy to bring around during errands or while at work. Simply plug in a computer, mobile power supply, or notebook any time whether at home, school, or work. When not sanitizing your items, it can be used as an extra storage bag.
Easy to use. When using the UV box, store your items inside, close the lid and plug in the power. Avoid looking directly at the light while using the UV box as a safety precaution.
A must-have device for those who use several devices throughout the day whether at home or work. The UV box also comes in handy during outdoor activities such as hiking, running, garden, or playing with pets for a quick cleaning fix.


UV Sterilizing box for your masks, phone etc! Wholesale available, please call 587-774-5317


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