Neck rashes: What are the ideal remedies?

Neck rashes has a variety of causes. Some forms of neck rashes such as from poison ivy or hives might settle on their own while those caused by scabies and dermatitis might necessitate prescription drugs.

A doctor should be consulted to determine the root of the itchy skin. If approved by the doctor, over-the-counter drugs or home remedies can be utilized or a prescription drug might be given.

Emollients and moisturizers


A doctor should be consulted to determine the root of the itchy skin.

Topical medications such as moisturizers and emollients facilitate healing of the skin. Once sealed, the dryness is lessened by preventing moisture loss from the skin. These ointments, creams and lotions can help lessen the neck rashes by moisturizing the skin among those with ichthyosis which is an inherited condition that causes the skin to significantly dry up.

Baking soda

Baking soda is also used to soothe irritated skin. Simply run cool or warm water in a bathtub and add 3-4 tablespoons of baking soda to the water.

It helps relieve the itchiness until the rash starts to heal. Alternately, place the same amount of baking soda onto the neck rashes to lessen the pain and itchiness. Whether it is applied directly on the skin or in the bath water, topical use has a zero effect on the internal mineral amount in the body which makes it safe as a treatment for the rashes.


Antihistamines are utilized to treat neck rashes that are often the result of an allergic reaction. If antihistamines are taken, the symptoms of a reaction can be prevented. In case the rash on the neck is triggered by an allergic reaction, a doctor should be consulted if prescription variants of antihistamines are necessary or if the over-the-counter variants are enough.


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