Mini stroke among the elderly: What are the signs?

A mini stroke does not cause any permanent damage but increases the risk for a regular one in the future. In case the symptoms last longer than 24 hours or the damage is permanent, it is categorized as a regular stroke.

The signs of a mini stroke are relatively mild and if it occurs in an elderly individual especially those who live alone, it can occur several times without anyone realizing it.

Common signs of a mini stroke

Unexplained bruises and bumps

This might be an indication in an elderly individual experiencing balance issues. An individual experiencing a mini stroke might trip and fall over. He/she might abruptly become dizzy and collapse. In addition, the coordination is affected as well.

Indefinite health issues


The neurological signs of a mini stroke typically include a headache, stiff neck and double vision.

The neurological signs of a mini stroke typically include a headache, stiff neck and double vision.

The symptoms often subside before the elderly individuals becomes worried and the pain is relatively milder than a regular stroke.

Issues with communication

Whether talking in person or using a phone, the conversation can help determine how easy communication is for the elderly individual. Difficulty understanding others, slurred speech and aphasia are warning signs of a mini stroke.

What should I do?

Many elderlies might experience the symptoms of a mini stroke and not aware of it. The memory issues are often linked with stroke while the subtle signs of a mini stroke are overlooked.

If worried that an elderly has an undiagnosed mini stroke, a doctor should be seen regarding the possibility of undergoing MRI. The results of this test can reveal any damage that might be present on the brain.

Quick Note / Disclaimer

The material posted on this page on mini stroke is for learning and educational purposes only. To learn to recognize the signs, register for a first aid and CPR course with Calgary First Aid.


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