Black mold poisoning: What are the signs?

Black mold poisoning can trigger only 1-2 symptoms in some individuals and more in others. It is important to note that exposure and poisoning linked to black mold can trigger minor, moderate or severe sickness and oftentimes death if not treated.

Black mold thrives in humid or moist areas and forms as patches that develop as several black spots. Take note that there are various symptoms to watch out for that indicates that the individual was exposed to the mold. A doctor should be seen right away if an individual is suspected with poisoning.

Respiratory symptoms

It is important to note that black mold generates toxic spores into the environment. If an individual inhale these spores, respiratory symptoms might arise such as:

  • Congestion

    Skin rashes might develop on the skin after being exposed to black mold.

  • Increased production of mucus
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath


Skin rashes might develop on the skin after being exposed to black mold. Generally, there are mild or moderate pinkish or reddish rashes on any part of the skin. The rashes might be itchy but not always and might settle and recur periodically.

Nausea and vomiting

Many individuals might experience nausea and vomiting after exposure to black mold. If the individual was exposed to large amounts or for extended periods of time, nausea and vomiting will continue to worsen.

Fatigue and muscular pain

Once the toxic spores enter the body, the individual will start to develop muscle pain and fatigue. This generally arises as the immune system tries to eliminate the invaders and diverts energy to the immune system. In addition, there is also fever and cold symptoms.

Disclaimer / More Information

The information posted on this page on black mold poisoning is for learning and educational purposes only. To learn to recognize the indications, register for first aid training at one of our training centers located throughout Canada. The training centers are in Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Saskatoon, Victoria, Surrey, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Red Deer, Toronto, Ottawa and Halifax.


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